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Reasons Why You Should and Should Not Consider Video Games

Every time you are bored you need to get something that is going to cheer you up again. The good thing with games is that it does not have age anyone can just play it. There are so many advantages that come with playing video games. The number one advantage is that it has improved version. The good thing with video games is that they keep improving every time and they get more advanced more than ever. Secondly, you will be able to boost your brain. Sometimes it is difficult to think well especially when you had a very long day and therefore you can just solve that by playing a video game. You will find that some games need some reasoning and that involves your mind and that will enforce you to think better.

Thirdly, at you least you will have a more improved lifestyle. You need to get used to playing games so that you can be able to acquire somethings on how to do certain things. the number four advantage is that you will be able to avoid anxiety and depression. If you get used to working without having time for relaxing you can end up having stress which may result to anxiety. When you get constant stress you might end up having depression and this may affect all your performances. Apart from video having so many benefits there are also some disadvantages that are involved with this games. The first thing that you will have to suffer is addiction. There are some things that you really need to limit yourself you can end up addicted and that will be very bad for you.

Regrets are bad because they are what lead to stress of undone things and this can even cause anxiety. The other problem with playing video games is that you have a social replacement. You should never be put by games in a position that you cannot have any social thing in your life because you will end having no time for others. The number three disadvantage is obesity. This is bad because as the food breaks down there is no activity to replace that and that in return ends adding fat which causes obesity. Before it reaches there you can just choose to spend some time of the game and do some acuities that will help keep you fit. The number four disadvantage with games is that you can end up having school performance lowered. Most students when they start playing games that this the only thing that gets into their head and ends up distracting them away from reading.

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