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5 Key Steps to Replacing an AC Filter

A considerable number of homes have AC systems installed. Proper maintenance of your AC system will make function efficiently and you will not be spending a lot of money on this service. Replacing the filters is one of the ways through which you can maintain your filter so you should know what to do. The filter attracts things like dirt and many other contaminants in your home making it dirty after some time. You should not be afraid to try these DIY steps because it doesn’t require a lot of expertise. Here are the tips to success when replacing your AC filter.

First, you need to find where your filter is located. Depending on the structural design of your house, you may find it at the basement In case you live in an apartment, you should check in a utility closet or room. There are two ways through which you can filter the return air. If it is near the AC unit, that is where you will replace it. On the other hand, you can replace the filter in the return air vent which is mostly available near your thermostat.

Next, ensure that you buy the right kind of filter. Remember that filters come in different sizes but the good thing is that the measurements are most likely printed on the filter itself. You can find more info. about different filters from an online source. Find a place that also sells the filters so you can be sure to adequate info. regarding the qualities as well as the prices. When buying filters, there is no harm in having extras. The environment can determine how often you will have to replace your filters.

Although you may have to use pliers, sometimes you can just open the vent with your fingers. Once you loosen the fastener, the cover/vent should open. While some are easy and only requires that you lift a gate, other systems will require that you use this device. To avoid headaches and spending a lot of time, ensure that you have the right tools for the job. There are signs that the filter needs to be replaced and you should pay attention to every detail. The filter should come on any direction on the vent.

When sliding the new filter into the place of the old one, remember to pay attention to the arrows because it should face the wall to avoid impeding airflow into your AC unit. If you give the filter a good nudge, it will be well seated and you can now replace the vent. If you want to discover more about AC systems and maintenance tips, visit this site.

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