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What You Need to Know About the Limitations of Jessica’s Law

To prevent past sexual offenders from committing the same crime again, California comes up with Jessica’s law. Hence, the spirit of this law is to protect young children from people who have committed sexual offenses in the past. It is, however, necessary to acknowledge that Jessica’s law has several flaws. To learn more about Jessica’s law, you need to find the top website that published content on this subject. You will aim to know why it is called Jessica’s law and the various stipulations it makes. Continue reading to discover the key things that cause drawbacks to Jessica’s law.

One of the stipulations of Jessica’s law is the registration of the sex offenders and availing of these records to the public. Hence, this stipulation makes it impossible for these offenders to get jobs. Today, companies undertake background checks, and therefore having been convicted for sex offenses means that no one will hire you. Hence, this is a major flaw of Jessica’s law as it is hard for offenders to get work.

To protect the minors, Jessica’s law requires the registered sex offenders to stay far away from parks and school. To ease movement, schools and parks are usually in the center of a town. To adhere to this stipulation, the offenders will have to look for a home away from the city. The other challenge is that many neighborhoods will raise concerns when there is a registered sex offender living there. At the moment few landlords will agree to rent their properties to registered sex offenders.

The other flaw of Jessica’s law is that even after serving the jail term the sex offenders are still outcasts in the society. It is normal for many people to avoid interactions with people with a criminal record. The common assumption is that someone who has committed a crime is highly likely to repeat it. The families of the registered sex offenders may isolate them and limit their interactions. The reason is that other people will not see the reforms that this person has undergo but the crime he or she has committed. It is also normal to fear that registered sex offender may ignore the stipulations made by Jessica’s law.

It is crucial to acknowledge that Jessica’s law has a crucial purpose in our society despite having these flaws. It is crucial to know those sex offenders are also people despite their heinous crime and deserve a chance to be reformed and contribute towards the growth of the society. The goal is to create a scenario where the likelihood of the sex offenders repeating the crime is diminished. It is therefore crucial you the lawmakers to start addressing these flaws.

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